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Monday, 17 December 2018

On Monday May 19th, Parliamentary Representative for the Colihaut Constituency, Hon. Catherine Daniel, presented a cheque for $60,000 to the Colihaut Village Council.

Hon. Daniel who is also Minister for Social Services says the Dominica Labour Party Administration is committed to seeing the fulfillment of projects in communities like Colihaut.

“It’s always a pleasure when you have goodies to deliver to your constituents and I’m so privileged to be of service to the constituencies of Colihaut, Dublanc and part of Bioche.

“I believe that it will go a long way, it is a great sign for our community and our constituents should rest assured that they are not forgotten, we are working on them and there will be more to come,” she said.

Last week, the Dublanc Village Council also received a $60,000 dollar contribution from the Government of Dominica.

Hon. Daniel indicated that these funds are allocated for the improvement of housing, development of small businesses, medical assistance for constituents, and beautification, among others.

The donation was well-received by Chairman of the Colihaut Village Council, Najini George.

“We would like to thank the hon. Minister Catharine Daniel for making this check available in such a timely manner. It is a large sum to accommodate work to be done in the community and people who need assistance.”

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