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Friday, 18 January 2019

Hon Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has assured members of the Laplaine/Laronde Village Council that the DLP Administration will take action to address their concerns.

The Dominica leader gave the commitment as he addressed the council’s 18th inaugural meeting on Wednesday May 6th at the Jones Beaupierre Government School.

“I have taken note of the four issues raised by the Chairperson: streetlights, completion of the Laplaine Playing Field to include lighting and fencing, the Poor Man Road and the Ghetto Link Road.

“I want to say to you, my dear Chairperson, that before the end of your first year in office, those four projects will be successfully implemented,” the Prime Minister assured.

The Dominica leader, a strong advocate for the beautification of communities, applauded the Council for its focus on keeping the community clean.

“I have tried to promote cleanliness and beautification island wide because we have to try to demonstrate to ourselves and our visitors that we are a [proud] people. If we are to boast to the world that we are an eco-friendly destination, the Nature Isle of the Caribbean or the world, it should not only be based on what the Lord has bequeathed us; it has to be in addition to what we have done to enhance what the Lord has given us. If we have an abundance of rain in Dominica, why should we not have beautiful plants adorning our yards and streets in Dominca.”

At Wednesday’s meeting, seven councillors were officially sworn in to serve the communities of Laplaine and Laronde for the next three years.

Rose Blaize was sworn in as the new chairperson.

She shared, “I am happy to have served my community and trust that together with my fellow councilors, some of whom I have served with before, we will move this community in the right direction.

“We wish to register our thanks to the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica which has been unwavering in its commitment to empower the village council through the provision of funds for community-based projects.”

Hon. Minister for Social Services, Family and Gender Affairs, Catherine Daniel used the opportunity to call for unity among residents in the pursuit of community development.

“The rule of local authorities is now much more dynamic and diverse thus the need for all stakeholders to work together. You all want development therefore your synergies should be aimed at cooperating. I urge to do all in your power to maintain a climate of harmony for the overall development of Laplaine and its environs,” the Minister stated.

Hon. Parliamentary Representative for the Laplaine Constituency, Petter Saint Jean informed residents that there were major plans ahead for the community.

He revealed, “The Prime Minister has informed me that a cheque will be issued on Friday May 8th to the Council for the execution of two projects in Laplaine.”

One of those is the Poor Man Road previously mentioned by the Prime Minister.

“Also four families of Cas ’o Gowrie will receive washroom families.” he said.

The Laplaine/Laronde Village Council was first inaugurated in 1963.

(Photos: Top, file photo; Right, Blaize takes oath)

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