St. Joseph MP Contributes to Primary School ICT Education

The Ministry of Information, Science Telecommunication and Technology as part of its mandate to continue ICT education has made a significant contribution to the Kelleb Laurent Primary School in St. Joseph.

On Wednesday April 29th, a donation of four state-of-the-art desktop computers was handed over to the school by the Hon. Minister Kelvar Darroux.

Hon Darroux is also the Member of Parliament for that constituency.

Education Officer, Margaret Jules Royer, assured Hon. Darroux that the school will make good use of the computers.

“Information is at your fingertips,” she began. “You can know what’s happening immediately.”

“The Principal and members of staff will ensure that ICT is taught and integrated with other subjects at the Kelleb Laurent Primary School.”

Hon. Darroux said that this donation is meant to meet one of the needs of the school.

“On several visits to the school, I had the opportunity to speak with the principal about some of the needs of this school. One of the items always on his agenda was the need for new computers,” the Minister said.

According to him, it is widely-recognised that technology plays a critical role in education.

He said to students, “Technology is a vital learning tool in the advancement of your learning and that is why having access to a computer and the internet is [important]. The Government of Dominica is placing tremendous emphasis on ensuring that we make the tools available to you.”

The Minister urged students to take full advantage of the opportunity now available saying, “You’re never too young to start.”