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Friday, 18 January 2019

The Ross University School of Medicine is grateful for the collaboration between the Dominica Infirmary and its clinical program.

To show just how they feel about his partnership, the university put on a Donation and Appreciation event.

This partnership began in 2005 when the Dominica Infirmary was selected as a clinical teaching site for the Geriatric Medicine elective, an elective for the Care of the Elderly university programme.

At the event held on Friday April 24th, Associate Professor in the Department of Clinical Medicine, Dr. Hedda Dyer, revealed that many students have been positively impacted by their experiences with Dominica’s elderly.

“We have had quite a lot of presentations from medical students throughout the years who were really touched at a community and personal level. I think it’s an eye-opener as well because when you are very young, you sometimes don’t envisage life when you get much older. The overlying theme from a lot of the presentations is how appreciative students are for the interactions and conversations. Also for being able to provide medical care and contribute to the medical care of our aging and elderly population,” she said.

Some of the results of this 10 year partnership have also included the repainting of the main buildings’ columns, housekeeping and kitchen support, the donation of a six burner gas stove and donations of laundry supplies, toiletries and electrical supplies.

Dr. Dyer continued, “We just want to reemphasize that we appreciate this partnership [which provides] such a rich clinical experience for medical students. We are grateful to the Dominica Infirmary for enabling us to fulfill- and gladly so- our corporate responsibility and a branch of community medicine which is becoming more and more important.

“We appreciate and look forward to continuing and expanding this collaboration which so far has definitely provided a rich clinical experience to both sides.”

Lady Catherine Daniel, Minister for Social Services, Family and Gender Affairs was on hand to witness the event.

On Friday, 96 care packages were distributed to residents of the infirmary.

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