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Monday, 17 December 2018

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit is calling on nationals to take advantage of the opportunities in education provided by his Government.

He enforced the statement while affirming his commitment to the island’s development.

“We’ve had to ensure that we invest heavily in education so that our children will not only have access to schools but the means of taking advantage of that access. It is one thing to create spaces at the schools but… the parents [must] have the means to take advantage of this…”

He continued, “This is why we started off with a School Transportation Programme in one community but recognizing the national need for this, we have expanded to virtually the entire country and Tête Morne benefits from this.”

The Prime Minister had these words of advice to the young students of Tête Morne which could apply to the island’s youth. 

“My challenge to the young people of Tête Morne is that you must take advantage of the opportunities. You are in school, you must study. Too many of our children play every day. There’s nothing wrong with having a computer or television or cable at home but you must not overuse them. We have to read, we have to study and pass exams because that’s the only way you can help yourself, your family and the country.

‘Your Government is spending a lot of money to keep the schools functioning; all we’re asking you to do is study and do well.”

The Prime Minister also advised parents to attend PTA meetings.

He added, “As the Prime Minister of this country, I am absolutely committed to Dominica and its wellbeing. [I am committed to] doing everything humanly possible to ensure we create a better way of life for every single family and every single Dominican in this country. That’s my commitment but at the end of the day, I cannot do it alone. I require the support, solidarity and cooperation of all Dominicans who are prepared to put Dominica first before parochial and partisan considerations.”

He was speaking at the Tête Morne Village Council meeting last week.

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