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Saturday, 23 March 2019

Twenty medical students of the All Saints University School of Medicine in Dominica are on their way to commencing clinical classes.

On Friday December 06th, 2013 the students were officially presented with white coats which signaled their transition from completing the basic medical science phase of their Medical Doctor Degree programme.

President of the All Saints University, Dr. Joshua Yusuf, congratulated the students on their achievements.

He admonished the white coat recipients to persevere to achieve their ultimate goals of becoming medical doctors.

“You have shown the stuff you are made of, you have shown that no mountain is insurmountable and no challenge cannot be conquered as long as you have the right attitude and you are operating at the right altitude and you are equipped with the right compass to reach the summit,” he said.

Yusuf reminded the aspiring physicians that the journey of life has just begun.

“Many more challenges await you especially in the course of your medical career and practice. It is necessary therefore for me to admonish you to set your priorities right. Your training at All Saints University has fundamentally prepared you for future learning in the field of medicine,” he stressed.

Education Minister Hon. Petter Saint Jean like Dr.Yusuf encouraged the medical students to do what is required to be successful in this noble profession.

“The concept of white coat is partly intended to signify your authority of science. By accepting your white coats, you are implicitly saying that you commit yourself to a life of humility and purity of purpose, reassurance and confidence to anxious patients and I believe this is an essential prerequisite to the healing process,” he said.

Minister Saint Jean said the Government of Dominica recognizes the commitment of the Medical school towards the country’s development.

“The All Saints University School of Medicine has brought tremendous benefits to Dominica over the past years, both in terms of professional competence and financial returns. Therefore, the Government of Dominica recognizes the commitment of this medical school to our country’s development particularly against the tremendous pressures that are imposed by the global economic challenges.”

Hon St. Jean gave the school the assurance that the Government of Dominica will continue to support the school.

“I want to give Dr. Yusuf, his faculty and staff the assurance that you will continue to benefit from our commitment to your continued success as a medical school here in Dominica,” St. Jean stated.

During the clinical clerkship years, students of the All Saints School of Medicine will be required to complete a minimum of 72 weeks of core and elective clinical clerkships at affiliated teaching hospitals throughout the United States and other countries.

Graduates from All Saints University School of medicine have been placed in well known and competitive residency programs throughout the United States, Canada and other countries.

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