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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Coordinator of the National HIV/AIDS Response Unit, Allison Samuel, has expressed thanks to the Government of Dominica for their contribution of over a hundred and thirteen thousand dollars ($113,000) towards testing efforts.

Prior to 2010 the National Programme was a national project funded by Global Fund. In 2010, the government took over a large portion of thehiv testing day units funding. Samuel explained that before receiving the approval to have the funds added on the recurrent budget they were required to present the proposal of activities at the unit.

Funding is now being provided in the areas of salaries disbursements, programme components, anti-retro virals, viral blood testing, CD4 testing, which must be done for every HIV-positive client.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Regional HIV/AIDS testing day which is normally observed in May. Samuel revealed that all the health districts are in the process of planning. She stated that they have not yet decided on a theme for this year.

In Dominica, National HIV/AIDS testing day is normally a month of activities.

Last year, the theme was, ‘Get Tested Stop Ducking it’. 

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