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Sunday, 09 August 2020

The following owners of properties from Bois Diable to Castle Bruce, which represents Lot 2 of the Eastern Island Roadworks Component of the Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project (DVRP), are invited to consultations with the Property Valuation Unit of the Ministry of Housing and Lands, on the given dates and times, for the purpose of negotiation for land acquisition for the project. Small portions of these properties will need to be acquired to facilitate rehabilitation works on the road.

Owners residing overseas may appoint a legal representative to act on their behalf, with relevant written authorization.

For further information or queries, please contact the DVRP at 266 3139.

Consultation Dates

Cluster 1:    27th November 2018

Cluster 2:    29th November 2018

Cluster 3:    4th December 2018

Venue:        Castle Bruce Secondary School

Time:          3:00 p.m


Cluster 1:  

Date of Consultation:   27th November 2018




1 Fond Melle Pilgrim Holiness Church
2 Bois Diable - Fond Melle Devia Durand
3 Fond Melle Settlement Henry Nicholas
4 Bois Diable Fond Melle Webster Severin
5 Fond Melle Henry Dyer
6 Fond Melle Michael Carrington
7 Fond Melle Settlement Avid Languedoc
8 Fond Melle Estate Leopold Emmanuel
9 Bois Diable - Fond Melle Cuthbert Durand
10 Fond Melle Billy Sanderson
11 Fond Melle Elford Christmas
12 Bois Diable- Fond Melle Settlement Fitz Shillingford
13 Bois Diable - Fond Melle Settlement Ryan Prevost
14 Bois Diable - Fond Melle Cyril Lewis
15 Fond Melle Josephine Prosper
16 Fond Melle Tamara Holmes
17 Fond Melle Andrew Lockhart
18 Fond Melle Gaston Gachette
19 Fond Melle Sylvester Joseph
20 Bois Diable-Fond Melle Valerie Rock
21 Belle Fille -Scotland Settlement Magdaline Lockhart
22 Bois Diable - Fond Melle Settlement Morril Lockhart
23 Fond Melle Daniel Reid
24 Fond Melle Derick Davis
25 Fond Melle Vivian Webb
26 Fond Melle Euthalie Jno Jules
27 Fond Melle Augustus Prevost
28 Belle Fille Scotland Settlement Paul Blanchard
29 Bois Diable - Fond Melle Masterwell Doctrove
30 Fond Melle Settlement John Graham
31 Fond Melle William Potter
32 Bois Diable -Fond Melle Settlement Joanne Dalrymple (Sold – Owners out of state)
33 Fond Melle Augustus Prevost
34 Fond Melle Euril Moses
35 Fond Melle Settlement Everton Robinson
36 Fond Melle Roland Green
37 Fond Melle Estate Flora Johnson-Tavernier
38 Fond Melle Donna Delandro


Cluster 2:

 Date of Consultation: 29th November 2018

1 Fond Melle Marcus Drew
2 Bois Diable - Fond Melle Settlement Riversong Ecolodge and Wellness Center
3 Fond Melle Caribbean Clear Beverages
4 Bois Diable- Fond Melle John Watkins & Sandra Watkins
5 Fond Melle Eugene Mitchel
6 Fond Melle Augustus Prevost
7 Fond Melle Rosalind Alfred
8 Belle Fille -Scotland Settlement David Bannis
9 Belle Fille -Scotland Settlement Frederick Christmas
10 Belle Fille -Scotland Settlement George Jacob
14 Belle Fille Settlement Augustina Bannis
15 Belle Fille Settlement Cecil George
16 Belle Fille -Scotland Settlement Leontine Bellot
17 Belle Fille Scotland Settlement Shandy Durand
18 Belle Fille -Scotland Settlement Magdaline Lockhart
19 Belle Fille Scotland Settlement Paul Blanchard
20 Belle Fille Oscar Jno Finn
21 Belle Fille - Scotland Settlement Jeremiah Roberts
22 Belle Fille John Timothy
23 Bajo Gutter Achille Nation
24 Bajo Gutter John Dexter Mingo
26 Castle Bruce Estate Robert Edwards
27 Castle Bruce Estate Bernicia Cornelius
28 Bajo Gutter Nestor Jacob
29 Bajo Gutter George Jacob
30 Castle Bruce Estate Blaize Alfred
31 Bajo Gutter Ferdinand Florant
32 Castle Bruce Estate Victor Roberts
33 Castle Bruce Estate Saline Berkitte
34 Castle Bruce Estate Victoria Alfred
35 Castle Bruce Estate Lazare Joseph
36 Castle Bruce Estate Paul Anselm Roberts and Virginia Rose Roberts as Joint Tenants
38 Castle Bruce Estate Andrew Drigo
39 Castle Bruce Estate Leroy Lewis
40 Castle Bruce Estate Curtis Baptiste


 Cluster 3

Date of Consultation: 4th December 2018

1 Castle Bruce Estate Rudette James
2 Bajo Gutter Anatol Jacob
3 Bajo Gutter Steddy Jno Finn
4 Bajo Gutter Ferdinand Timothy
5 Castle Bruce Estate Francisca Lafond
6 Castle Bruce Estate Casimir Bannis and Hermit Bannis
7 Castle Bruce Estate Veronique Roberts
8 Castle Bruce Estate Julien Christmas, Georgiana Augustus and Hymar Henry
9 Castle Bruce Estate Alfred Drigo
10 Castle Bruce Estate Lindy Scotland
11 Castle Bruce Estate Joseph Drigo
12 Part of Castle Bruce Estate Estate Augustus Nation
13 Castle Bruce Estate Clement Nation and Bertha Nation
14 Bajo Gutter Christian Union Mission
15 Bajo Gutter Achille Nation
16 Bajo Gutter Paul Elizee
17 Bajo Gutter Alma Jacob
18 Bajo Gutter Remicia Ernest & Bobby Ernest
19 Castle Bruce Estate Emile Lockhart
20 Castle Bruce Estate Michel Alfred
21 Castle Bruce Estate John Baptiste Scotland
22 Castle Bruce Estate Hilroy Alfred
23 Castle Bruce Estate Michel Alfred
24 Bajo Gutter John Mingo
25 Part of Castle Bruce Estate Mathalena Jacob
26 Castle Bruce Estate Neville Lafond
27 Bajo Gutter Lawrencia Christmas
28 Bajo Gutter Settlement Juliana Felix
29 Castle Bruce Estate Curtis Scotland
30 Castle Bruce Estate Lindy Scotland
31 Castle Bruce Estate Augustin Scotland
32 Castle Bruce Estate Lambert Toussaint
33 Castle Bruce Estate Scott Antoine

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