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Friday, 10 July 2020


Mrs Gwendolyn Magloire affectionately known as “ma fehw” joined the ranks of Dominican Centenarians on Saturday October 20, as she celebrated her 100th birthday with the entire town of Portsmouth and guests from all over the region.

The Celebration took place at the Portsmouth Seventh Day Adventist Church, with songs of praise and thanksgiving for the long life of a member of the community. Mrs Magloire, born on October 04, 1918, appeared jovial and energetic during the ceremony, singing and clapping along to the hymns and choruses.

Speaking at the celebration, Parliamentary Representative Hon. Ian Douglas made a commitment to the family to take over the caretaker fees for Mrs Magloire from the church. “I want to commend the church for having continued to meet the stipend of her caretaker and I want to speak to those responsible so that the government can take that over. That is a responsibility that we want to help with." 

President of the Dominica Council on Ageing (DCOA) Gloria Shillingford, congratulated Mrs Magloire on her 100th birthday.  She announced that the council had already taken steps to provide cooking gas and electricity at no cost to her, as well as her stipend of $500 from Government. Shillingford went on to extend her gratitude to the SDA church for ensuring a suitable caretaker for Mrs. Magloire “I thank the church for really looking out for her, the community for looking out for her because if all of us open our eyes and our ears for the elderly."

President of the Commonwealth of Dominica His Excellency Charles Savarin, made a special presentation to the centenarian, “On behalf of the Government and the people of the commonwealth of Dominica, and on behalf of Mrs Savarin and myself, I wish to extend my congratulations and good wishes on the occasion of the celebration of your 100th birthday which you attained on Thursday, October 04, 2018. May the good lord continue to bless you.”


Gwendolyn Philomen John Magloire was born to parents Philomen John and Mr. Harold Cadette as the eldest of seven children. She lived a life of charity, aiding struggling families in whatever way she could. She bore no biological children, however raised four. 

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