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Friday, 10 July 2020

Fellow Dominicans, this year marks the 12th year of celebration of Financial Information Month.

This is a regional, financial, economic and entrepreneurial education campaign celebrated in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) through the collaborative efforts of ECCU member governments, financial and academic institutions, the media, other private and public sector institutions and community based groups.

The programme promotes awareness and understanding of general financial and economic issues and incorporates a series of initiatives designed to support the attainment of a vibrant ECCU region, that fosters strong and sustainable economic growth for the improved well-being of its citizens.

Cognizant of the global economic challenges that have hampered economic prospects, the theme for this month’s activity  “Reshaping Our Future – Starting Now” seeks to inspire and challenge all citizens of the ECCU to take action at the individual and institutional levels that will result in stronger financial foundations, more competitive business offerings and higher levels of economic growth.

The logo for this month’s activities underscores the view that the task of “Reshaping Our Future” to ensure long term success will require new understanding, new thinking, new strategies and new actions to forge ahead, in an increasingly complex global economy.

This will also require collaboration and strategic partnerships to shape new perspectives and approaches on how to move ahead.

In Dominica, 17 institutions have partnered to make Financial Information Month 2013 a reality.

The month’s activities will include the following:


  • Entrepreneurship sessions to stimulate micro and small business formation and to strengthen those that exist;
  • Capacity building initiatives designed to support and maximize the potential of students and teachers in the areas of finance, economics and entrepreneurship;
  • Discussions on financial matters;
  • Financial Information Month theme song launched on several radio stations throughout the ECCU;
  • Public Lectures on ‘Corporate and Banking Ethics’ and the ‘Importance of Retirement Planning and Insurance’;
  • Programmes designed to educate the public on how to become better stewards of one’s finances;
  • Programmes promoting business efficiency, productivity and price competitiveness at the local level;
  • Business Symposium and Innovation Forum targeting business leaders, entrepreneurs and academics; 
    • The focus will be on Business Competitiveness, Creative Business Leadership, and Strategic Business Models that would allow for effective responses to the present challenges.


Citizens are encouraged to participate in these activities and to make use of the opportunities being provided to assist us in preparing ourselves to respond effectively to the economic and financial challenges which confront us.

The Government of Dominica fully supports the activities of Financial Information Month, October 2013.




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