26 JULY 2012

The Commonwealth of Dominica enjoys excellent relations with the Kingdom of Morocco based on mutual respect and have formalised cooperation in a number of fields including but not limited to Agriculture, Tourism, and Human Resource Development. The Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation plays a major role in the advancement, promotion and strengthening of relations and cooperation.

Dominica and the Kingdom of Morocco have also collaborated on a number of matters of mutual interest at the level of the United Nations and other international fora.  In this regard, Dominica wishes to state that it continues to fully support the autonomy plan on Sahara explored under the aegis of the United Nations.  Dominica is convinced that it is a credible, realistic and serious plan which has the potential of resolving the issue permanently and to the benefit of all concerned.  Dominica is prepared to assist in whatever way possible in seeking the successful implementation of the autonomy plan.

Consistent with the well-founded internationally accepted principles of respect for sovereignty and non-interference, Dominica also wishes to state its strong solidarity and support for the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Morocco.

I wish to finally to thank His Majesty the King for the prompt assistance given to my country in the aftermath of Hurricane Ophelia which caused severe and widespread infrastructural damage to the Commonwealth of Dominica in 2011. I look forward to even closer collaboration in all areas of mutual interests, in the future.

Long live the strong bond of friendship and solidarity between our two nations.