I am delighted to be with you today to officially open the refurbished health centre here at Penville. I am confident that this new-look facility here will provide the appropriate setting to help improve the quality of service for clients and staff both in the immediate future and for years to come.  This is indeed time for celebration and registers government's continued commitment to deliver quality services to all.

We believe that health is developmental rather than a technical abstract.  Health issues are central to matters of development because an investment in health care is a critical contribution to human development and we all must be appreciative for this milestone and all the residents of Penville must pledge to take care of it.

Our country has been grappling with many health issues but Chronic Non Communicable Diseases and other lifestyle diseases have been the main causes of death and disability but they can and must be managed.

The delivery of primary health-care therefore is amongst the key strategic priorities and concerns for us in Dominica .We believe that the delivery of this service is in line with the country’s policy of pushing the

Health agenda forward as these health issues must be dealt with at the primary or district level.

Our health budget for the financial year 2011-2012 is $ 49 million for recurrent expenditure and $4.5 million for capital expenditure.  Once again the budget reflects our commitment to provide quality health services to our communities in collaboration with the other areas of government.

Just last week we received over $2million in state of the art equipment from China and are expecting another $2 million more from, other benefactors within the next 2 months. Your government is working to ensure that you receive the best in Health-Care.

Penville has a population over 700 people. The levels of income in this area are mainly from agriculture hence with the daily consumption of your fruits and vegetables, morning walk on your Soufriere road coupled with efficient health services we can decrease the impact of CNCD’s. Combating  these diseases and minimizing their impact are  my ministry’s key priorities. This refurbished clinic with added amenities will ensure that we save costs and that only critical cases are referred to hospitals.

The services rendered here will definitely assist in placing you at the same level or better than other communities.

The Ministry of health will continue to support efforts aimed at providing the necessary supplies needed to carry out your work    however we encourage villagers to provide support in any way possible to contribute to the maintenance and sustainability of this beautiful clinic.

With this facility, as with all others that we will be building in different parts of the country in the near future, we expect to improve the state of health for the citizens of Dominica and ensure a healthy and productive population.

Please allow me to conclude by congratulating the project staff from the Ministry of Health, the Portsmouth administrative team including the Penville staff, the Ross University School of Medicine and the construction team for bringing a state of the Art facility to your doorstep.

Thank you